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Amanda Thatcher

American-born daughter of Sir Mark Thatcher and his former wife Diane. Currently studying at the University of Richmond in Virginia, Amanda gave a moving reading at the funeral of her grandmother, the late Baroness Thatcher.

Amanda Thatcher: Iron Lady's granddaughter sparks Twitter frenzy after emotional reading
Amanda ThatcherThe 19-year-old, speaking with a pronounced American accent, delivered a flawless reading from the book of Ephesians to mourners in St Paul's Cathdral
Amanda Thatcher: Watch Margaret Thatcher's granddaughter read at former PM's funeral service
Margaret Thatcher funeralEverything you need to know about 19-year-old student who read Bible passage from Ephesians 6, verses 10-18
Margaret Thatcher's grandchildren arrive in Britain ahead of funeral
Margaret Thatcher funeralAmanda and Michael Thatcher flew in from Texas and posed with their dad Mark and his second wife Sarah outside Thatcher’s townhouse
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