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Margaret Thatcher

As the country's first female prime minister Margaret Thatcher became one of the dominant political figures of 20th Century Britain, serving three consecutive terms in office. Baroness Thatcher retired from public speaking in 2002 after a series of strokes. She died on 8 April 2013.

Miriam Margolyes says only thing 'bumbling s**t' Boris Johnson is good at is adultery
Call The Midwife
The Call The Midwife star has never been afraid to speak her mind, and has more than a few bad words to say about what a terrible job our Prime Minister is doing
John Humphrys says he is 'not a fan' of Boris Johnson and did not vote for him
Boris Johnson
The broadcasting veteran said he did not 'trust' the Prime Minister and claimed Mr Johnson was 'not too good' at delivering on his promises
Oasis nearly didn't get big break because record boss thought they were Nazis
OasisCreation Records boss Alan McGee thought they were National Front supporters after finding a Union Jack daubed on their rehearsal room wall
Kevin Maguire: Unemployment boom betrays the inner-Thatcher in Boris Johnson
Thatcher threw away coal miners, shipyard and steel workers - Johnson’s ditching people in shops and the music industry, gyms and theatres, says Kevin Maguire
Voice of the 澳门新蒲京娱乐场: PM needs to put money where mouth is and bridge the North-South divide
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson is a PM primarily for London and the English Home Counties, rather than the United Kingdom as a whole. The Tory party is funded by – and too often actis as the political wing of – wealthy speculators
Boris Johnson promises building blitz for the economy with big speech on Tuesday
Boris Johnson
The Prime Minister will unveil a spending blitz in a speech this week with plans to fast-track building schools, homes, hospitals and prisons
Kevin Maguire: Boris Johnson's rivals will have last laugh over joker PM
No Prime Minister in Britain’s modern history has loved the perks and status more than actually doing the job as much as this joker. Not even chillaxing David Cameron
Noel Gallagher 'graffitied No 10 portrait of Margaret Thatcher with Hitler moustache'
Noel Gallagher
The former Oasis singer got up to a bit of mischief while he was a guest of former Prime Minister Tony Blair at Number 10 Downing Street in 1997 at a 'cool Britannia' event
Voice of the 澳门新蒲京娱乐场: Britain must not go back to 1980s mass unemployment
End the Job Retention Scheme in October before the economy recovers strongly and Chancellor Rishi Sunak would add to the rapidly rising total claiming Universal Credit
Voice of the 澳门新蒲京娱乐场: Government must redeem itself by finally copying other nations' successes
As Italy goes back to work and UK is poised to overtake it as registering the highest death rate in Europe, the hope is we can emerge a politer, kinder country, valuing key workers and each other
澳门新蒲京娱乐场 Book Club: The Beatles' personalities brought to life in glorious biography
澳门新蒲京娱乐场 Book Club
We review One Two Three Four: The Beatles In Time, by Craig Brown, The Bookshop On The Shore, by Jenny Colgan, On Chapel Sands, by Laura Cumming. Magpie Lane, by Lucy Atkins and Finding My Voice, by Great British Bake Off Winner, Nadiya Hussain
Could an article by Boris Johnson have doomed Magaret Thatcher as PM?
Margaret Thatcher
Chris Collins, from the Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust which is making the documents available to the public, said the article by Mr Johnson 'not quite right'
UK hit by two crises but PM still finds time to lord it up at ?25billion Tory ball
Conservative Party
EXCLUSIVE Super-rich donors paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for access to Boris Johnson other top ministers at the lavish Winter?Party fundraiser. The 澳门新蒲京娱乐场 can today reveal the guestlist, the auction lots, the menu and more
Westminster child sex abuse report gives damning verdict on decades of cover-up
Child abuseWestminster figures turned a "blind eye" to repeated allegations, the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse has found - thanks to a "political culture which values its reputation far higher than the fate of the children"
Brian Reade: Conspiracy of silence around abuse is the worst betrayal of trust
David SteelSteel has now quit the Lib Dems and the House of Lords and withdrawn from public life to “prevent further distress to my family”. But there does not appear to be any thought for the distress he may have caused Smith’s victims
Who is Rishi Sunak - the new Chancellor appointed just 27 days before the budget?
Boris Johnson
Rishi Sunak who served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury got given the second most important job in politics after Sajid Javid - but some have warned he will be Chancellor "in name only". Here's what you need to know about him - as well as his wife, family and net worth
Wacaday star Timmy Mallett on hitting Margaret Thatcher and hugging Theresa May
Timmy Mallett
Wacaday legend Timmy Mallett, 64, on his unusual encounters with both female Prime Ministers, his utterly brilliant life on television, and why he's not ready to put his slippers just yet…
Reflecting on our iconic White Cliffs of Dover as Britain bids farewell to EU
On Brexit Day, the middle of the English Channel proved the perfect place to reflect on our relationship with the EU and the future, post-divorce
The Crown season 4 release date, cast, plot, trailer, for Netflix royal drama
The Crown
The Crown season 4 is on its way as production on the Netflix prestige drama is afoot with Olivia Colman reprising her role as The Queen for a season that includes Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher
Labour MP, 26, demands end to '40 years of Thatcherism' in first speech attack
Zarah Sultana said her generation has been betrayed after unbroken Tory rule since she was a teenager - but also referred to the events under Tony Blair's leadership
Back to business for Queen as Palace announces State Visit by Japanese Emperor
Royal Family
Buckingham Palace announced Emperor Naruhito will visit the UK this spring, around a year after taking the throne - and months after Brexit officially happens on January 31
9 fascinating bits of secret history revealed in New Year declassified documents
Margaret Thatcher
Details of some of the most important historical moments of the '80s and '90s have been released by the National Archives under the 20 year rule - revealing fascinating insights into Margaret Thatcher, John Major and other key figures
Nuclear weapons could be sited underground inside mountain in Northern Ireland
Cold WarNewly declassified files reveal Dublin’s most senior intelligence official advised the government on the possibility of nuclear missiles being on the island in November 1983 - and that's the only thing they reveal went on in the 1980s...
Thatcher kept wrongly convicted Birmingham Six in jail to dodge scandal
PoliticsSix men were freed in 1991 after being jailed over the Birmingham pub bombings that killed 21 people in November 1974, in one Britain's worse carriages of justice
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