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Margaret Thatcher's funeral

The former Prime Minister was remembered in a ceremonial service with military honours at St Paul's Cathedral attended by hundreds of foreign dignitaries and leading UK politicians. The service on Wednesday 17 April was followed by a private cremation in Mortlake, south west London.

Margaret Thatcher statue in hometown of Grantham needs anti-vandal protective screen says museum
Margaret ThatcherThe Lincolnshire market town's museum is planning to put a ?100,000 sculpture of its most famous daughter on a 6ft plinth
Margaret Thatcher’s funeral might have cost ?1.2m but the price of her time in office would run into trillions
Margaret Thatcher funeralThere’s a few things we’ve forgotten about Mrs T and what she cost the nation
Margaret Thatcher's funeral: Disbelief at Government claim it cost taxpayers ?3.6m
Margaret Thatcher funeralThe divisive former Prime Minister’s super-rich family only stumped up for the flowers and the undertaker’s bill, officials said
Margaret Thatcher's funeral 'cost taxpayers ?3.6m' and family will pay for flowers and undertaker
Margaret Thatcher funeralIt added Lady Thatcher's family would be making a "contribution" - covering the costs of the undertakers and the flowers
Margaret Thatcher's funeral WAS a state occasion, admits George Osborne
Margaret Thatcher funeralThe Government had claimed the ?10million send-off was a ceremonial rather than state event to avoid an embarrassing Commons vote
Margaret Thatcher's funeral was a day of Dim vs Dimbleby
Margaret Thatcher funeralHolly Willoughby took on David Dimbleby.. and lost the clash of the telly titans
Primary school pupils watching Margaret Thatcher’s funeral told off for singing Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead
Margaret Thatcher funeralA teacher told the 60 children, nine and 10-year-olds. to “be quiet and show respect” during the ceremonial send-off
Mining community was defiant right until end of Margaret Thatcher’s era
PoliticsWhile the Tory faithful lined the streets of London to watch Thatcher’s military cortege pass by, the colliery club was host to a pageant of defiance
Margaret Thatcher's funeral had no real hatred, no real love and no real grief
Margaret Thatcher funeralIt had the Queen, 700 servicemen, 4,000 police officers, St Paul’s Cathedral – everything except what every other funeral has: real, heart-choking grief
Margaret Thatcher's funeral was second grandest we’ve ever given a non-royal but was functional and cold
Margaret Thatcher funeralThe 澳门新蒲京娱乐场's Brian Reade was in St Paul's and says the lack of warmth made it feel like 2,300 meticulously turned-out extras had been drafted in
Margaret Thatcher's funeral coinciding with jobless total soaring was apt memorial
Margaret Thatcher funeralThe deference shown to the woman who broke Britain, with the gun carriage and full military honours, would shame North Korea
BBC's Margaret Thatcher funeral coverage was flawless until a witch appeared on Bargain Hunt
Margaret Thatcher funeralMeanwhile over on ITV, Alastair Stewart appeared to be choking back tears as he reported for This Morning from outside the venue
Margaret Thatcher funeral cortege meets with boos and jeers as well as applause and cheers
Margaret Thatcher funeralRachael Bletchly reports from among the crowds lining the procession route, where both the bile-spitting and gushing glorification was put on hold
Margaret Thatcher funeral protests in London and across country pass peacefully
Margaret Thatcher funeralPolice said reports of missiles being aimed at Lady Thatcher's coffin were in fact flowers lobbed by her supporters
Amanda Thatcher inherits famous grandmother's love of pearls as well as her composure
Margaret Thatcher funeralMany people wondered whether the student's single string of pearls were worn as a tribute to her late grandmother, who loved the glam jewellery
Margaret Thatcher's funeral: From pomp to protesters, the 100 best pictures
Margaret Thatcher funeralPomp and pageantry as celebs and dignitaries from around the world come to mourn the former PM
Margaret Thatcher's funeral procession divides Ludgate Circus onlookers between protest and cheering
Margaret Thatcher funeralLudgate Circus was the focus for protest - some quiet and some vocal - but there was no violence
Margaret Thatcher's funeral showed military's ceremonial brilliance - she would have approved
Margaret Thatcher funeralHistorian and Labour MP Tristram Hunt reflects on Baroness Thatcher's grand send-off and looks back at comparisons with Churchill
Margaret Thatcher funeral: Live coverage of procession and St Paul's service
Margaret Thatcher funeralThe former Prime Minister was honoured in a ceremonial service with full military honours today
Margaret Thatcher funeral virals: Twitter and the Internet's alternative commentary
Margaret Thatcher funeralOsborne blubbing, Ingham's eyebrows, Cameron straining and more!
London power cut that left 25,000 people without electricity sparks Thatcher conspiracy theories
Margaret Thatcher funeralShops, bars and restaurants forced to close and Victoria Underground station shut following power outage
Margaret Thatcher's funeral a day of pageantry, tears and muted protest
Margaret Thatcher funeralA ceremonial service with full military honours was held for the former Prime Minister at St Paul's Cathedral
Margaret Thatcher's funeral and why they might as well have invited a stripper
Margaret Thatcher funeralSamCam waving, Dave telling us we're all Thatcherites now and Boris Johnson's interviews
Margaret Thatcher funeral: Bishop warns that funeral is 'no place for debates over the former Prime Minister's legacy'
Margaret Thatcher funeralThe Bishop of London tells St Paul's congregation that Lady Thatcher's funeral should be about "human compassion"
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