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Special relationship

The Boris Johnson and Donald Trump guide on how to turn a crisis into a full-blown catastrophe
Donald Trump
There's such a special relationship between these two strongmen that they even synchronise their cock-ups
Jennifer Arcuri warns against using NHS tracking app over data security fears
EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson’s alleged ex-mistress said she would not download the app because 'there is no guarantee it's 100 per cent secure or the data is going to be kept secure'
Dear Coleen: I feel a fool for telling my girlfriend that I love her
She didn’t react the way I expected her to – in fact, she went silent for what seemed like an eternity and then admitted it was too early for her to know about love
Dear Coleen: Rude sister-in-law insists on share of my late mum’s jewellery
My younger brother’s wife has kicked up a fuss, saying their daughter should be entitled to something as she was my mother’s only “biological” granddaughter
Boy, 3, with rare brain condition recovers after therapy dog places paw on his hand
EXCLUSIVE: Oscar Haskell was in ?intensive care at Southampton Children’s Hospital with a rare brain condition when his heart rate rocketed. His mum says Oscar's heart rate slowed when doctors brought in therapy dog Leo.
Harry Dunn's family demand public inquiry after crash accused revealed to be CIA agent
Central Intelligence Agency
The grieving family of road smash victim Harry Dunn are calling for a public inquiry into who knew what and when, after driver Anne Sacoolas was revealed to be a CIA agent
Donald Trump 'flew into apoplectic rage' at Boris Johnson over Huawei deal
Donald Trump
US president Donald Trump flew into a rage and blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Britain's decision to include Chinese firm Huawei in the rollout of its 5G network, it has been reported
Conservative MPs in open revolt after Boris Johnson gives Huawei green light
Earlier today the government decided that 'high-risk vendors' should be permitted to play a peripheral role in the network, limited to no more than a 35百分比 presence
Harry Dunn's mum urges PM to 'restore faith' by bringing son's suspected killer back to UK
Boris JohnsonThe PM is expected to hold talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is London, later this week
Hundreds of projects could be scrapped as Boris Johnson orders 'waste' crackdown
Boris Johnson
The Prime Minister urged ministers to 'root out waste' - and examine all projects currently on the books to see if they are worth the cost
Fury as Boris Johnson aide suggests 'special relationship' with far-right leader
Viktor Orban
Tim Montgomerie, who was appointed the PM's Social Justice advisor in September, heaped praise on Hungarian leader Viktor Orban - who has been condemned for attacking Muslim and Jewish minorities and suppressing free speech
Boris Johnson finds Europe stronger allies than the fickle President of the United States
The Prime Minister was blindsided by Donald Trump's escalation of hostilities with Iran. He is finding the special relationship with Europe is more durable and reliable
Holidaying Boris Johnson's 'four-letter response' to killing of Iranian General
Boxing Day
EXCLUSIVE The absent PM is under fire after he remained on a Caribbean island amid an international crisis
Voice of the 澳门新蒲京娱乐场: Donald Trump must return Anne Sacoolas to UK for questioning
Donald Trump
Chief suspect Sacoolas, who fled after young motorcyclist Harry Dunn was killed while her car was allegedly driven on the wrong side of the road
Boris Johnson's Brexit 'final offer' exposed as he gives EU 9 days to accept deal
Boris Johnson
The Prime Minister will attack 'forces' stopping Brexit as he unveils a hardline stance, an October 11 deadline - and a leaked plan to keep two Irish borders for four years
Donald Trump given permission to build 550 luxury homes near Scottish golf course
Donald Trump
Thousands of residents opposed to the plans, but the council just voted to build the homes anyway
Boris Johnson warned post-Brexit deals with Donald Trump would favour US
Boris Johnson
John Bolton has fuelled hopes of a post-Brexit trade deal saying UK is at the 'front of the trade queue'
What Queen has thought of previous Prime Ministers - including one who enraged her
The Queen
The Queen will ask Boris Johnson to form a Government today, the 14th time she's asked this question since she sat on the throne
Iran foreign minister congratulates Boris Johnson but fires Persian Gulf warning
Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif warned new PM Boris Johnson that Tehran would protect its waters, after UK outlines plans for European naval task force
Boris Johnson v Donald Trump: How their very Special Relationship will look
Boris Johnson
The similarities between the Prime Minister-in-waiting and the US President
Voice of the 澳门新蒲京娱乐场: Former PMs made mistakes but they are titans next to Johnson
Boris Johnson
It s now entirely possible the country will endure economic storms from a disorderly exit simply because Johnson would say anything to win over Tory party members
Nelson's Column: Political appointees in the civil service will drive Whitehall mandarins to murder
Special relationship
Sunday 澳门新蒲京娱乐场 Political Editor Nigel Nelson asks whether our next US ambassador will be a political appointee? And whether our top civil servants should be?
5 things we learned from Tory leader hustings - from fox hunting to Royal Yachts
Tory Leadership Election
We passed through the ring of hay bales to the hallowed ground of the Tory leadership hustings. This is what we learned from likely next PM Boris Johnson - and his rival Jeremy Hunt
Boris Johnson reveals he rang ousted Ambassador in shameless bid to dodge blame
PanoramaThe Tory leadership frontrunner tried to shift the blame to rivals who he said "politicised" the envoy's decision to quit
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