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Hillsborough Inquests

All the latest as the jury reach their decision after hearing two years of evidence into the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster.

Live updates from the Hillsborough inquest verdict.

Hillsborough families say new report could 'mean Grenfell families will never have to go through what we did'
Hillsborough tragedy
A new paper, written by Bishop James Jones, has listed 25 reforms to help the bereaved get justice
Theresa May urged to back 'Hillsborough Law' to force firms to cooperate with tragedy investigations
Hillsborough tragedy
More than 90 Labour MPs have signed a letter to the Prime Minister asking for her support for the law, which would force officials to come clean about wrongdoing and failures
Family of 96th Hillsborough victim are "hugely disappointed" that no one will be prosecuted over his death
Hillsborough inquestsTony Bland, then 18, suffered brain damage in the 1989 disaster and died four years later, aged 22, but match commander David Duckenfield won't be charged over his death
Hillsborough charges show you should never give up if you're fighting injustice
Hillsborough tragedySenior police officers are facing serious criminal charges following the death of almost 100 fans in the Hillsborough disaster
Who is David Duckenfield and what was his role in the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster?
Hillsborough tragedyDavid Duckenfield is one of six people to be charged with manslaughter over the deaths resulting from the disaster which claimed the lives of 96 fans
Hillsborough will get its day in court - and British justice will be done at last
Hillsborough tragedyThank God that something so wrong is finally going right
Hillsborough police chief David Duckenfield facing manslaughter charges over 95 deaths and five others to face prosecution
Hillsborough tragedyThe 72-year-old match commander is among six individuals facing prosecution over the disaster at Hillsborough Stadium in April 1989
Dear Prime Minister: start leading us out of this, or the Grenfell Tower fire will consume you too
Theresa May
It's the perfect storm for summer riots and Theresa May needs to turn down the heat
Court rules Hillsborough cop's forced exit was unlawful as taxpayer foots ?250,000 bill for legal battle
Hillsborough tragedy
Ex-chief Constable David Crompton was suspended then made to resign by Dr Alan Billings due to a statement he made in the wake of the Hillsborough inquest findings last year
Former chief constable challenging ruling that forced him to resign after Hillsborough inquests
Hillsborough inquestsDavid Crompton, from? South Yorkshire Police, has gone to the High Court asking them to quash the decision requiring him to resign
Millionaire Ukip donor complains he's "sick to death" of hearing about Hillsborough
Hillsborough tragedy
Arron Banks wrongly branded the 1989 crush an "accident" that people are "milking" as he stormed into the row over claims on Paul Nuttall's website
The reason why Liverpool have banned The Sun from Anfield and its Melwood training ground explained
Liverpool FC
The Sun's can no longer attend press conferences or matches after the new measure
Prime Minister Theresa May claims credit for Hillsborough justice - and Liverpool FC fans are NOT happy
Hillsborough tragedy
May said she had "ensured justice for the families of Hillsborough” after being asked whether she stands up for British values at Prime Minister’s Questions
Recruitment agency sources ex-police officers to scrutinise Hillsborough inquiry evidence
Hillsborough inquestsAn ad on a police jobs site offered ?16 an hour to examine evidence
Bagpipe-playing conman who pretended to be collecting cash for Hillsborough families is jailed for fraud
Hillsborough tragedy
Angus Carpenter claimed he "only wanted to promote justice" and told the jury he had been attacked and that his own son refused to speak to him
Hillsborough crusader: I won't accept OBE from state that tried to hide the truth
Hillsborough tragedy
Phil Scraton was a key figure in exposing the causes and cover-up of the worst disaster in British sporting history which claimed 96 lives
2016 in review - April: Danny Willett stuns Augusta as Kobe Bryant bows out in style
Sport in 2016
April saw 60/1 outside Danny Willett become the first Englishman to win a green jacket in 20 years
Bagpipe-playing fraudster pretended to collect cash for Hillsborough victims while lining his own pockets
Hillsborough tragedyAngus Carpenter played the instrument in Liverpool draped in a ‘Justice for the 96’ banner a day before the tragedy's anniversary
Gran died in husband's arms after three hour wait for ambulance that should have taken eight minutes
Beryl Styles, 59, died from a life-threatening complication of diabetes after hubby Derek called 999 hours earlier
Hillsborough relatives demand probe into allegations against Liverpool fans made by former Premier League chairman
Hillsborough tragedy
Sir Dave Richards was at the match as a spectator and went on the pitch with a doctor. In a statement he said that some Liverpool fans made an obscene remark about a female victim
South Yorkshire Police tried to 'spread the blame' during Hillsborough inquests
Hillsborough inquestsBarrister leading the review says it is 'highly regrettable' that there was no 'clear distinction' between the position of the force and that of individuals
Watch moment Norman Bettison caught out after just 30 seconds of Newsnight interview to promote 'self-serving' Hillsborough book
Norman Bettison
The controversial former police officer found himself stuttering and red-faced following a question from presenter Evan Davis
Network Rail pulls Amnesty International's human rights adverts for being 'too political'
Human rights
The ad campaign was intended to highlight the role of the Human Rights Act helping in the Hillsborough families among others
Premier League clubs to discuss safe-standing during meeting between all 20 teams next week
Premier League
A decision on the future of safe-standing is not expected to be made but initial opinions of the proposals will be gathered by the league
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